Measuring Worth

It’s easy for us to measure worth by quantifiable things. I wrote this while working for a company I didn’t really care for, but making good money. I thought: maybe my time is worth more than what they’re paying me… . I can tell you that many people there felt like they were in a golden cage – they would leave if only the company would treat them a little worse.

My views about how to measure worth are changing. With it, what I think worth is, or what is of utmost worth, is changing too.

Time is money. Time is great. Time is all we have. I heard it said that the worth of something is how much life you give up in exchange for it, where life is equivalent to time. I like to add that we can infuse extraordinary worth into our daily, perhaps mundane, actions by how we choose to fill our time.

Instead of thinking about time as a quantity – in years, months, days, hours, minutes, or seconds – think about it as an empty vessel waiting to be filled. Fill up time with the how you do the things you do: with connections and relations you make, with being sensible to yourself and others. Filling it up with the love you show, the type of love that builds courage and transforms good intentions into reality (It’s a constant experiment for me; there’s a lot of things that are called “love” or “loving”, but i’m still confused as to what love is and what it’s not).  Fill your time up in a way to communicate universal truths, in a way that surpasses time.

So, the worth of something is dependent on how much worth we give to it.

– C

This post was also partly inspired by a song called “How We Do It” by Lights, where she says
“Time isn’t wasted, it’s waiting to be filled.”


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