Creating is…

Creating is putting something into existence that has never been before – or at least not in the near, memorable past. Sometimes, during the creation process, I don’t understand what’s happening. Actually, that’s usually the case, most often than not.

Consequently, sometimes I want to cover my creations, or shape them into something more recognizable, more widely accepted. All this is based on my limited and ever-changing perceptions of what others want and what they would accept. Is that weird? Basing my own actions on what I think others would think? Because, in the end, who knows what they think? And who really cares? Haha What makes one person’s opinion or preference more value than another person’s?

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 8.22.19 PM

After spending a few days with my artsy grasshopper (who shall remain nameless) and drawing more than I have in a long long time, I recognized that what kept me from persevering in visual arts was my desire to be great. Ironic. I look at where I am and see where I want to be, and get frustrated at the distance in between. 

It’s so hard to trust in the process, but it hasn’t failed yet.

All is a matter of belief and trying.
“Just keep swimming…”

– Chelsea


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