about learning

This man did an experiment to see how much we are able to learn by ourselves. It’s worth a watch.

I had this thought. Throughout my academic career, my understanding and mastery of a given subject was communicated by a grade — whether percentage or letter. If I so happened to get a nice grade without actually understanding the material, I would be compelled to believed that I understand enough to move on. But this can develop such a false sense of accomplishment. Worse case scenario: I will have diplomas and certifications that prove I know something I actually might not.

It’s not difficult to pass most classes, you just have to know how to study – or cheat. I don’t use most of the knowledge I learn, and so I forget them to make mental-space for other things.

My mom told me that when I have kids, it’s not crucial that they’re smart, but that they want to learn and are curious. A kid who is intrigued will naturally seek and look for ways to learn, and that not as a burden. And if you seek, it’s as if the entire universe just opens up to you and offers you a way to get there, wherever “there” might be. 

curiosity & perseverance  >>  intelligence & talent

I want to homeschool my kids. Maybe. ahha 


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