number one

I’ve been talking about starting a blog for at least one semester now. Last night, I told [a certain lovely individual] that I would start it today. So here it is. I’m not sure what I want my blog to be about (or even what blogging is about). For now, it’ll be a way to update faraway friends on my life. For the most part, it’ll be like an inner dialogue.

Windows Phone_20140403_003
It’s 5:24 a.m.. The sun is about to rise. I haven’t slept yet, nor do I feel tired. I spent my night packing up and taking photos of things I want to get rid of, trying to go cost benefit analysis of whether or not I should just sell of everything so I don’t have to pay for storage fees. A part of me wishes that I never accumulated so much stuff. It feels so weighty, because now I’m responsible and somewhat bound to it. Ahahha first world problems.

Life has been so good. I wrote my last exam this past Tuesday. I found a sublet, and he offered to move in later so I have a place to stay until I leave Montreal. What a sweet guy. And because of that, I didn’t have to move out of my apartment at the beginning of the month. And because of that, I was able to spend a couple days at Mont Tremblanc with some friends. I was fed SO well! It was great to get to know people in a different environment.

It’s 4 or 5 days until I leave Montreal. I still don’t know if I’ll be coming back in the fall, and so I haven’t told many people about the possible of me not being here next year. I don’t think I’ll find out until a couple days before I leave. Leaving never feels like leaving to me. I use to think it strange that I’m not sad at the thought of being geographically distant. I’m trying to see it more as a gift. I can be sad when I’m gone.

My introverted-self wants to say that one of the things I’ll miss most about Montreal is the view from my window in morning hours like right now. The sun is up and I’m finally feeling sleepy. Silly me was too ambitious and bought a bunch of dance classes I didn’t get to use. They expire today, so I’ll be going a 5 hours of ballet. I’m slowly learning to ask myself if I’ll be able to commit before starting something. I like too many things, but I’m limited haha and so are my resources. But to be honest, if I didn’t buy those classes, I wouldn’t have had any motivation to take ballet and learn the techniques. Time just dissipates if there’s no forethought.

I STARTED MY BLOG! Your turn Michelle 😉


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